Cost simulation

Cost Simulation

This Program has the sole objective of reducing the recurrent expenses that your company has with software, apps and digital tools.

Send us your costs and we will send you a quote by email, without any obligation.


HDS has partnerships with numerous SAAS Companies and WordPress Developers around the world.
Through these partnerships and exclusive licenses for Agencies, which we have acquired over the years, we can provide access to almost any type of software and plugins at lower-than-market costs.


  • Fill out the form and send us a detailed list of all the software you use or would like to use, with its monthly costs.
  • We analyze and send you a proposal, without any commitment, which will allow a reduction of up to 50% in monthly expenses, and an eventual upgrade and optimization in the general quality of the tools used.


  • Considerably reduce your company's software expenses.
  • Possible improvement in the quality of the software and tools used.
  • Increased productivity resulting from an optimized system.


  • Simulation delivered within 2 to 5 days.


  • Free


  • An active business with a wide range of software, apps and online tools to be used frequently.
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